Fabio Rojas says not a coupNaunihal Singh agrees, and he is the expert in this area.  I agree as well.  But still it matters a lot that to many people, including foreigners, it looks like one.  Is it crazy to think that a police force protecting Congress should stand its ground no matter what, even if that means escalating the level of force?  I don’t understand why that view isn’t being discussed more.  What is al Qaeda thinking now?

My main model revision was that the police have been more radicalized than I had thought, and some of them seemed to welcome the intruders, let them in, took selfies with them, etc.  Why didn’t they arrest more of the felons?  Why were the riot police of D.C. so very slow to respond?  This problem of die Polizeiweltanschauung remains underdiscussed.

For the day, stocks were up and gold was down.  But still it is justified to be worried about the next two weeks.  In the meantime, Mormons should rise in status yet again.

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One or two simple points


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